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In June 2018 Marc THEWIS and Frank VANDIJCK started the company Posetron. Because of the strict environmental deadlines which Europe has defined, and Belgium still must meet, they believed the solution at most forehand was that of a local battery system combined with locally renewable energy. Their journey took them to Chengdu, where they met with Chengdu Tecloman Energy Storage Technology Co. Ltd (in short: Tecloman). From this date on Posetron may consider herself sole importer and distributor of the products of Tecloman in the BENELUX.

Tecloman has developed (amongst others) home batteries of 3.6 kWh, 7.2 kWh, 10.8 kWh and 14.4 kWh. These batteries are easily monitored and managed with an app. These models may be taken into consideration for the recently pronounced subsidy of the Flemish Government!

Posetron possesses the knowledge and know how to apply this technology to an industrial environment. At first the total electrical usage will be assessed. Further will be determined if renewable energy can be considered and to what extent. Finally, a substantiated offer for a battery system can be made based on the gathered information. A correct dimensioning results into a justified investment! 

Home battery

Our home energy storage system consists of a self-developed lithium iron phosphate battery (1) and a hybrid invertor (2). With our battery management system (3), which allows our customers ... 

Industrial battery

Cabinet-type energy storage system integrates the battery system, BMS , EMS and PCS into a standard electric cabinet. It can be customized according to specifications ranging from 50kWh to 500 kWh....

Power containers

This system adopts the standard containers of 40 feet and 20 feet, with a rated capacity of 1 MWh and 0.5 MWh respectively....


We rely on a strong R&D team composed of nearly 100 experts, and we have built the test center with Sichuan University, Southwest Jiaotong University in Chengdu.

RD center for Lithium Battery Energy Storage System, Test center for recycle, safety test center with Tsinghua University (Institute of Nuclear and New Energy Technology)

Registration Capital 61.5M USD
2017 Sales Volume 140.73M USD
Employees 760
Production Capacity 200 MWh
R&D Staff 114 (Doctor 8)


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