Our home energy storage system consists of a self-developed lithium iron phosphate battery (1) and a hybrid invertor (2). With our battery management system (3), which allows our customers to easily follow and manage their energy consumption, we guarantee our clients partial independency of the electrical grid. 

Home Energy Storage

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The warranty on our battery is standard ten years;
Batteries are modular up to four elements. Each module represents a battery of 3,6 kWh. On the picture the battery system contains three elements; therefore, it can store 3 x 3,6 kWh = 10,8 kWh.
With its sleek design and elegant look, it is fashionable in any environment.  

The warranty on our hybrid invertor is standard five years, thus with the possibility to prolong it to ten years for an additional fee;
There are two types of invertors: one of 3 kW and one of 5 kW. 

Follow and sustain your electrical energy with our Firefly energy monitoring app;
More information on our Firefly is available through this link 

Product Features

High system integration
Good compatibility
Long life cycle
Modular design and scalable
Smart monitoring

High system integration

Good compatibility

Long life cycle

Smart monitoring



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