Industrial storage systems

Renewable energy sources such as sun or wind have major drawbacks such as highly intermittent and substantial fluctuations. In addition, the demand for energy is increasing due to the electrification of our mobility and heating.
Local energy storage can absorb the surpluses from the production of green energy
A stable supply of cheap green energy, even when there is insufficient production.

Microgrid energy storage

Remote companies or business areas often have to deal with an unstable electricity supply and are faced with high costs if a reinforcement of the connection is necessary. Diesel generators require maintenance and have a significant environmental impact in terms of noise and pollution
Generate, manage and locally store energy in a sustainable way on a correctly sized battery system.
Sustainable system with significant economic benefits and better energy stability.

Product properties

High integration
High reliability
High operational efficiency
Life cycle up to 12 years

Nominal charge / discharge capacity
Nominal AC output voltage
Range output voltage
Frequency range
Network connection
Ambient temperature
Relative altitude and humidity
Sound Max.
Communication interfaces
Response time