Our household energy storage system consists of an in-house developed Lithium Iron Phosphate battery and a hybrid inverter. Our battery management system allows our customers to easily monitor and manage their energy consumption. With our battery system you use as much as possible of your own generated energy and you are no longer dependent on the energy suppliers.

Our cabinet storage system integrates the battery system, the BMS (Battery Management System) and EMS (energy management system) in a standard electrical cabinet. These systems can be expanded from 50 kWh to 500 kWh, depending on the specifications. They are now widely applied in areas such as commercial complexes, shopping malls, farms, recreation centers, telecommunication stations, retirement homes, financial institutions, hospitals and data centers.
The high capacity fixed storage system meets the energy demand in Megawatt by integrating a battery system with EMS, a management system, a temperature control system and a fire alarm system. This system uses standard 20 and 40 foot containers, with a respective capacity of 3 KWh and 2 MWh. This technique is widely used in the industrial and mining sector, energy distribution systems and local networks.