LiFePO4 Battery systems
Explosion-proof safety valve Aluminum shell for better cooling Ceramic membrane for extra safety High energy density - over 130WH / kg High charge / discharge rates.
ESS Energy storage system
Power conversion system This a system is a device enabling high speed power switch between AC and DC. Tecloman implements the battery cluster separately for good management and multiple isolation technology for the power system.
Battery management system 5% accuracy With our battery management system you can check the condition of the batteries. It can monitor the SOC, SOH, SOD, prevent overloads / discharges in real time and provide pre-alarms depending on the status of the batteries. The Tecloman BMS works with a deviation of less than 5%.
External devices can be operated via 5 voltage-free contacts depending on the settings. If the Green power production is higher than the consumption of the user and the battery, up to 5 devices can be activated automatically (e.g. an electric boiler for domestic hot water)
The complete programming and management is in the hands of our own IT department