Cabinet Energy Storage System

Cabinet-type energy storage system integrates the
battery system, BMS and EMS (energy management
system), into a standard electric cabinet. It is scalable
according to the specification ranging from 50kWh to
500 kWh.

It is now widely applied in such fields as commercial
complexes, shopping malls, farms, entertainment centers, telecommunication base stations, rest homes, financial systems, hospitals and data centers

Peak load and frequency regulation

Traditional thermal generators are criticized for their low response and poor precision in frequency regulation. The introduction of an energy storage frequency regulation system can substantially improve the frequency regulation response
and help users derive optimal benefits from supportive power generation services.

ESS (battery system)
BMS (Battery Management System)
PCS (Power Conversion System)
EMS (Energy Management System)

Our energy storage AGC frequency regulation system is comprised of
an intelligent control system, a high efficient PCS and high magnification
lithium battery.

Through a self-learning intelligent algorithm, it can achieve a bestresponse
strategy featuring optimal power distribution and units
self-balancing to generate a high real-time and high-precision
response to the AGC frequency regulation order.

Commercial plazas, Shopping malls, Hotel, Entertainment centers,
Telecommunication base stations, frontier sentries, financial systems, hospitals and
data center etc.

Leveraging of renewable energy resources

Renewable energy from wind or solar suffers from defects like strong intermittency and high fluctuations. The deeper the combination of large-scale wind or solar generation and grid connection is, the more impact it has on the overall stability and reliability of the grid, resulting in the curtailment of large amount of solar and wind energy.

ESS (battery system)
BMS (Battery Management System)
PCS (Power Conversion System)
EMS (Energy Management System)

To solve the problems linked to the discontinuity, instability and uncontrollability of wind and solar energy, Tecloman provides an energy storage system that can
leverage the output of wind and photovoltaic power generation.

Improving stability and energy efficiency.

Microgrid energy storage

Islands and remote areas encounter frequent shortcomings such as high cost, great loss, low efficiency and poor economic performance. They also suffer from intermittent power failures and power shortage, while the use of diesel
generators results in higher costs, serious environmental impact and noise pollution.

ESS (battery system)
BMS (Battery Management System)
PCS (Power Conversion System)
EMS (Energy Management System)

By introducing Tecloman micro grid system of wind & solar energy storage devices, we can effectively solve these problems.

Substantial economic benefits and high power reliability.

Product Features

High integration
High reliability
High working efficiency
Up to 12 years life cycle

ItemTechnical Data
Rated Charging/Discharging Power25kW~250kW
Rated AC Output Voltage380V/220V
Output Voltage Range323V~418V
Frequency Range49.5Hz—50.5Hz
Grid Connection Type3P+N
Ambient Temperature Range-20℃~50℃
Relative Altitude & Humidity≤2,000m,5%~95%
Max. Noise≤65dB
Communication InterfacesRS485/CAN2.0B
Active Time≤20ms

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